For those who need help corresponding to their needs All Day Care offers 4 services, which will provide you and your family with tranquillity, which you are looking for.

We make the difference

Your visit is very important to us, even more important is your comfort, so, we are sure that the services presented, will make all the difference in your stay, because you are important to us.

Hygiene Cares and Personal Comfort

Specialized Care Giver does professional and personalized job with respect that the moment demands and at the time of your convenience. Feel comfortable every day of your stay.

Senior Sitting

Ensure the escorting of more Elderly or Dependent in the periods in which they have more difficulties to accompany the rest of the family.
Provide schemes of Help corresponding to each situation.
Makes the families available for more demanding activities, but at the same time relaxed because they know that security of their Senior Members is guaranteed.

Baby Sitting

Spend nice moments knowing that your children are well treated in the way that you wish, either with you or staying at the hotel, in a professional way and with full description and professionalism.


Many times our motor difficulty stops us from enjoying gorgeous landscapes, mainly when it is not programmed in a correct way.

Don’t let the lack of technical help stop you from the pleasure of the visit.

You could just rent this technical help (ex. Wheelchair) or hire our services with a Care Giver in a way that makes your visit quality better.