Domestic Help

Includes help in daily hygiene of the house, escorting during the displacement to the doctor, medical tests and examinations, clothes treatment, small pets’ care, among other chores, which are fundamental to guarantee your well-being.

Night Help

Shifts from 10 to 12 hours. Night time for many elderly people is full of fear that is why, it is important to calm them down with reading and other daily activities, including their hygiene and supper.

Help to people with Alzheimer and other neurological diseases

When memory of your elderly patients makes it difficult to think and limits them in their daily chores, with our help and in partnership with specialized people, we find a necessary solution for the comfort of your dear patient and all the family.

Personal Hygiene

Specialised Care Giver does professional and personalized job with respect that the moment demands and at the time of your convenience.


These services include help in different daily chores, such as: cooking, medication reminding, reading, walking among other activities, created to develop and contribute to your life quality.

Accompanying during displacement

Many times we don’t have to be elderly to be in need of Support, but due to definite circumstances, we need accompanying in certain displacement which require more attention.

Senior Sitting

Ensure the escorting of more Elderly or Dependent in the periods in which they have more difficulties to accompany the rest of the family. Provide schemes of Help corresponding to each situation. Makes the families available for more demanding activities, but at the same time relaxed because they know that security of their Senior Members is guaranteed. Makes the moments of their elderly relative as pleasant as theirs.